April 10, 2015

Add Branch

The right software for movers is the one which provides the feature for fulfilling almost every need of the business. Branch-detailThe Moving Management Software is one such product from Moversload which offers complete suite of solutions for movers and moving companies. This software comes with features like lead report generation, automatic billing, emailing solution, scheduling and pricing. An additional important feature of our software is the Add Branch.

Making use of this feature, the movers can easily expand their business. With most of the software products for moving companies, scalability is always a problem. With our product adding a new branch is just a thing of a few clicks. Additionally, all the other modules like inventory management and billing will automatically integrate the new branch into operations. This means you get a ready made integration solution to the newly added branch.

There are many benefits of making use of this software:

  • Adds a branch interactively without any coding or module addition
  • There is no requirement to scale your IT infrastructure for the new branch
  • All the other modules like billing and scheduling get operation for the branch automatically
  • Comes of great help in putting your new branch into quick functioning

With this software, business management is simple and effective for the movers.