April 11, 2015

Additional Information Storage

With many of the management tools available for moving companies, there is problem with sharing of data. Most of Add-Account-Detailthese software tools are hard wired to allow only limited information addition and that too relevant to features of the software. This is done with adding efficiency to the software tool in mind but it makes the software comprehensively tempered. Moving companies wanting to store important information like collection and delivery address information and special instructions have to look for other alternatives. This usually attracts the use of a third party integration to be made into the software which eventually compromises on the security front.

Moving Management Software is the solution for this problem which comes with freedom for data and information sharing. Moversload has made it an important parameter to develop this software keeping ease of use in mind. As a result, you will find this software highly interactive and comprehensive. We have introduced all the necessary features for information addition in it.

Easy Information Handling

  • Comes with WYSIWYG Text Editor which is highly interactive
  • Information can be added with the support for all the common commands like cut, copy and paste
  • Information can be easily integrated from all common formats like Word Documents and HTML
    Has inbuilt data advanced search tool
  • Supports multiple users with separate accounts
  • Data is stored at a central point
  • Smart algorithms free data from any redundancy and human errors
  • Features like Electronic Signature Integration help in securing data
  • Online tools like Automatic Emails, Multiple Report and Email Creation
  • Options for secured backup of the data

Moving companies will find this software highly flexible and scalable for all their operations. All the support and maintenance services for the software are available with Moversload to all its clients.