April 11, 2015

Advance Search

Advance search feature built in the Moving Management Software helps movers in many ways. This software is a Advanced searchcomplete suite of management services for all kinds of moving businesses. Being an ultimate tool for the moving companies, this software makes business management a lot easier. Moversload makes sure to optimize this software for small scale as well as large moving companies.

Our product comes with some exclusive features including:

  • Parsing and sorting of data with advanced search
  • Support for multiple platforms making it flexible
  • Smart searching increases the efficiency of client request process
  • Highly increases the efficiency of business thus making data search a lot easier
  • Makes report generation and lead comparisons easy using advanced search
  • Helps in organizing all data in the database
  • Highly interactive tool for searching data using keywords with no need of queries

Moving Management Software is used by many large moving companies as their ultimate management tool. It will help them to cut down the staffing costs as well as highly automate their business processes, making them all the more efficient.

Movers can make use of our product with complete setup and maintenance services. It is the ultimate tool for automation of moving businesses.