Moving Companies- How To Retain Your Customers


You have the best service and highly developed infrastructure still you are not able to make profits. Sounds familiar! Then we can help you with this problem. Often we hear movers making complains that they are not getting enough customers and even if they are, the retention rate is very poor.

retain-your-customersYes we understand that getting customers in a domain where competition is high is very tough. However our experience has some very different aspect to state. Most of the time companies commit some common mistakes which cost them losing their customers. What these mistakes are that you must avoid are detailed below.

Customers of Today, Systems of Yesterday

Sounds poetic but it is true. A recent survey showed that only 34% of all the businesses use a CRM or Customer Relationship Management which is new age. Rest all use the traditional book and pen method.

In the 21st century speed and efficiency are everything. Stop using that Stone Age method. You need to provide instant response to customers and only new age IT tools can help you with it.

Hard Business in Nature

Your attitude counts and in business it counts really a lot. Do not expect your customers to be loyal to you if you are a hard company to deal with. What all efforts your customer has to put to do business with you decides your fate.

Customer needs services to be hassle free and compassionate. If your customer is not satisfied with your service or want to claim, the procedure should be simple. It is not going to help you at all if you make your customers go through heaps of formalities.

Keep it simple.

Customer’s Feelings are Important

Whether your customer is a youngling, elder or a senior citizen looking forward to get your moving, relocation or storage services they all expect you to respect their feelings. It is very complicated to understand the feelings of a customer but at the end it is this feeling which decides their retention.

For instance if your client asked for storage service, sure you gave him/her instant reply. However if your infrastructure is poor or the staff is rude then your client will feel pathetic even after offering efficient services. Develop the corporate culture and train your staff on handling clients. They should understand that client’s feelings are just the beginning they should be taken care of all the time through the services you provide.

Follow Up

Many moving companies fail to see the importance of Follow Up in their customer service. So you got to know about a customer’s problem you resolved and demonstrate your reactive customer service.

Following up ensures that your client is fully satisfied. Also you can avoid any potential issues which can rise later on. Decide which follow up model best suits your company and implement it.

Frontline Teams

All formalities for claim resolution and issues come second. In the forefront your team should be able to resolve as many issues as possible in real time. This will make management a lot easier and you will need no re-runs to resolve customer issues.

Remember that customer service in moving business is very important. Ensure its quality all the time.

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