April 11, 2015

Bulky Email

With the Moving Management Software, emailing services of a moving business can be easily dealt with. This ultimate software from Moversload provides you complete suite of bulk email services. Our product helps you to send and receive emails from users in an integrated environment. With unlimited user support and multiple email addresses entry feature, this software helps you to handle day to day moving business requirements easily.

Intelligent features like filtering, automatic forwarding and responding help to highly automate the business processes. With the use of Moving Management Software, a mover can enjoy the following benefits:

Introduction Letter and Document

Ability to paste document in word and HTML format helps in easy email introduction. With a click of a button, emails can be sent to the leads right away.

Sending and Receiving Emails

Unlike other software, there is no need of outside email clients like Outlook for sending and receiving emails. It provides an integral support for sending and receiving emails to and from the users.

Multiple Email Addresses

No need to sequentially send emails, enter multiple email addresses at once. There is no limit to the adding the number of users for emailing.

User Friendliness

Highly interactive design and no complex processes make it a time saving and friendly emailing client.