April 11, 2015

Employees Online Time Clock

Moving companies always have a common problem of keeping track of the employees’ working hours. For their problem, Moving Management Software serves to be the ultimate solution. This product comes with the advanced Employees Online Time Clock which helps in keeping proper track of the working hours. For proper management of any business, it is mandatory that the staff is punctual. Our software helps you to strictly manage your staff with its scheduling feature inbuilt.

Moving Management Software is a complete moving company management services suite. The Employees Online Time Clock inbuilt in this software helps to keep track of not only the employees but also covers other important moving processes. It is of major importance that adds quality and punctuality to your moving business.

The Time clock Features

  • There is no limit to the employees who can make use of the software
  • Suitable for moving companies of all sizes and with any number of employees
  • Easily integrates with inbuilt calendar book for better performance
  • Helps with scheduling tasks for the employees
  • Have reminder feature help employees to organize themselves
  • Automated time management with online integration

Movers need not to worry about the setup and maintenance of the software as we provide support for both. Employees will be able to increase their performance and output making use of the Employees Online Time Clock.