April 11, 2015

Lead Grabber Integration

Getting success in moving business is made a task of a few clicks with the introduction of Lead Grabber Integration for Moving Management Software. This integration module further boosts the applicability and features of Moversload software for the moving companies.

The Lead Grabber Integration modules come with many features including:

  • Advanced search feature to find leads with ease through search based on source, location and date. This helps in grabbing a lead as early as possible.
  • Automatic parsing tools for the lead management
  • Automatic correction tools for making changes in the addresses and other information.
  • Automatic calculation tools for cost estimations.
  • Calendar tools for scheduling and managing the leads with advanced synchronization.
  • CRM feature support for easy data integration and follow up with other management tools.
  • Easy closing, billing, report generation, dispatching management.
  • Highly interactive interface with automatic installation feature.
  • 24×7 support available with us for integration
  • Supported on all major operating platforms and online applications
  • Graphical representation of estimations and reports

There are many more features and benefits of Lead Grabber Integration module. Try it now for easy management and expansion of your moving business.