April 11, 2015

Leads Report

Lead Detail ReportPreparing and maintaining leads report is very resource incentive and time consuming task for moving companies. With the Moving Management Software from Moversload it is an easy thing for companies to prepare the lead reports. A highly interactive and user friendly interface is available with our software helping you to prepare the report generation efficiently.

All the major concerns of report generation are met with the Moversload’s Moving Management Software. Meeting your daily moving business requirements, our product provides you the following capabilities:

  • Management Tools: Get total control on all the activities of leads report generation
  • Filtering: No duplicity or redundancy of the leads data with strict filtering
  • On Demand Feature: Makes easy to select leads based on various aspects
  • Claim Feature: A fast and effective tool for dealing all leads claim
  • Highly Integrated: Helps you receive leads reports data from various modules
  • Inventory lists: Easy report generation based on inventory listing
  • Security Setting: Provides a secure environment of report generation with data protection
  • Multiple Formats: Leads reports are generated in multiple formats like PDF and JPEG

Our product is the best software for Movers & Moving Companies as it helps them automate all their management tasks with ease.