April 11, 2015

Local Calculator 300

One of the most useful resource tools that the moving companies can provide to the clients is the calculator for cost estimations. With the Moving Management Software available by Moversload.com any moving company can easily provide local calculator tool to its clients. This software is developed with research and experience to provide the most accurate estimations to the clients. There is inbuilt local calculator module in this software which provides highly interactive way of getting estimates. Supporting all the major operating platforms, Moving Management Software can be used as the online local calculation tool or as a standalone application.

The Features of this calculator

For the local moving calculations, all variables are taken into account including the distance and the luggage. Also there is an interactive help description provided for the clients to enter correct data in the fields of the calculator. This makes it interactive and user friendly software for movers and moving companies as well as for their clients.

Additionally there are features like:

  • Complete Account management Suite
  • Payroll and bill generation for local moving
  • Easy local lead generation
  • Feature for settlement claim calculation
  • Interactive features for maintenance of the invoices and payments
  • Scalable and flexible for all platforms
  • Increases the efficiency and profitability of business processes
  • Intelligent approach to provide most accurate estimations
  • Helps in management of the moving business from end to end
  • A powerful tool for client coordination and support

Moversload also offers this software at highly affordable prices for the moving companies. Whether an individual mover or a large moving company, our software is ideal for all.

Additionally we offer setting up and maintenance support for the software. Contact us to know in detail about the features of the software in detail.