April 11, 2015

Sale Performance Management

With our Moving Management Software, simply increase your sales. An ideal sale performance management tool, this product is best suitable for sales representatives. Cutting down the redundancy of data, it further helps in keeping the best and up-to-date data about sales. For the success of a moving company, high sales are important and our software helps you with all this and much more.

Integrating the sales modules and information with all other aspects of the moving business, it is an innovative tool. What make our product exclusive software for Movers & Moving Companies, are the following features:

Completely Spatial Sale Management

Date by date track of the sales help you with the existing jobs as well as with new leads. Scheduling and maintenance of sales is very easy with our software.

Client Services for Sale Improvement

Client services play an important role in increasing the sales of moving business. With our software you can send and receive emails from clients, provide estimates quickly as well as online support to them regarding sales.

Advanced Search Features

Sales performance is evaluated on many metrics. The advanced search feature of the software helps moving companies to keep track on sales easily.

There is much more than sale performance management that can be enjoyed with our product.