April 11, 2015

Unlimited users

Most of the software for Moving Companies available is restricted for use by some number of users. Not all moving solutions provide support for unlimited users. With Moversload Moving Management Software we have changed the trend. Our product is devised keeping in mind multiple client and user support satisfaction.

The Benefits

The Moving Management Software is developed to help automation of all moving business processes. There are many benefits of this system for unlimited user features like:

  • Extensibility of the software is much flexible
  • Have the capability to hold data from large number of users without any damage
  • Separate accounts for all users with password security
  • Separate report generation and management tools for all users
  • No additional security checks required for users
  • Helps in management of data at one central location
  • Highly reduces the entry of duplicate data from multiple users
  • Helps in boosting performance with support for unlimited users

Unlimited user support of Moversload software makes it a complete enterprise solution for moving companies with large number of staff. At the same time, its cohesive designs suit small scale moving companies as well.

With our software, enjoy unlimited users support for your moving company.